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China spring loaded direct acting natural gas pressure regulator

Short Description:

Max pressure: 6 bar / 10 bar
Inlet(bar): 0.5-5 / 2-10
Outlet(mbar): 15-70 / 70-300 / 0.4-2bar
Maximum flow(Nm3/h): 250 / 300 / 270

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Two stage direct acting gas pressure regualtor


Technical parameters





Max pressure

6 bar

10 bar








Maximum flow(Nm3/h)




Inlet connection

Female RP 1 1/2" or flanged, in line, or customised

Outlet connection

Female loose nut, 1 1/4", 1 1/2" or flanged,90 degrees or in line, customised

Regulating accuracy/AC



Lock up pressure/SG



Shut off valves for under pressure and over pressure, relief valve, inbuilt filter, customised options.

Applicable madium

Natural gas, artificial gas, liquefied petroleum gas and others

*Note: The flow unit is standard cubic meters/hour. The flow of natural gas is relative density of 0.6 under standard conditions


Two stage direct acting gas pressure regualtor (4)
Two stage direct acting gas pressure regualtor (5)
Two stage direct acting gas pressure regualtor (3)

240/240APseries regulator is a diaphragm and spring controlled diect acting regulator.Widely used in medium-sized commercial facilities and regional regulator. Built-in with relief valve and ultra low-pressure safety devices. The regulator has characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation, easy maintenance online,etc.

Why choose Pinxin

Our production line

All parts of our products are from the same supplier of well-known brand gas regulators. At the same time, we also have a complete and efficient production line, which greatly increases our output, the yield rate can be as high as 95%, and the service life of the product can be guaranteed 1~3 years. All these ensure that Pinxin provides customers with stable and high-quality products, which are well received by customers.

Our experience

Ningbo Pinxin Intelligent Control Equipment Co., Ltd. is a newly established company for 5 years, but has more than ten years of experience in the manufacture and design of gas pressure regulating equipment. Supply town gas pressure regulators and gas pressure regulating box to the domestic and international market. Expert technicians are hired to offer high quality and new designed products to the market and our customers continuously.

Our code

Quality and honesty is what we are always following.We would like to cooperate with our domestic and international customers on the development and research of the Green Energy industry. We will always put the customers' requirement, the quality and the honesty on the first position in our business and design.

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