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natural gas regulator relief valve for gas pipeline

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Max pressure: 6 bar
Setting pressure: 10-100mbar / 0.1-6bar
Connection Size: Female threaded Rp 1″ (90°)
Working temprature: -20℃ to +60℃

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Gas pressure regulator relief vale

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Technical parameters




Max pressure

6 bar

Setting pressure



Connection Size

Female threaded Rp 1" (90°)

Working temprature

-20℃ to +60℃

Applicable madium

Natural gas, artificial gas, liquefied petroleum gas and others


● A type safety device for pressure regulating station
● Relief the pressure rapidly to keep the system pressure in certain range
● Succinct structure offers both reasonable price and stabilized performance.

Why choose Pinxin

Customized service

We provide customized services. We can flexibly customize the gas pressure regulator according to the pressure and flow you need. Few factories on the market can do this for you, and most of them can only make standard products.

Our certificate

Pinxin gas pressure regulators all meet the national gas appliance testing standards, and will become a member of the China Natural Gas Standardization Committee in 2020, and participate in the formulation of national gas regulatory standards-GB 27790-2020


RFZ25L series of relief valve is a safety device used in medium and low pressure regulator station for gas. The device automatically spread rapidly to keep the pressure in a certain range, So that the pressure will be over a predetermined alarm value and caused any anomalies in the system. .

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